You may have already noticed Steve’s short tag line is ‘The Happy Coach’.

What does this actually mean?

It means that Steve helps and supports people to make positive choices and changes to their lives. To be happy and feel inspired.

You may be surprised that Steve is not about the ‘high fives’, the big motivational events and the ‘change your life in 24 hours’ mantras.

You may be surprised to know that Steve lives in the same world as the people he works.

Steve experiences the same emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear, grief

Living a rich and meaningful life means experiencing a range of emotions.

How we manage the emotions we experience makes a big difference in how we move forward.

 Steve has experienced failure.
He was asked to leave school at 16.
Released by a professional football team at the age of 19.
Left his first venture into the world of sales after just 3 weeks.

Had ‘demo tapes’ rejected by over 50 radio stations when he was aiming to secure a position as a radio presenter.
In one business venture, Steve lost a significant amount of money when three companies he was working with went into liquidation.

As we go through life things will not always go the way we want them to go.

It is what we learn from the ‘failures’ that make the difference.
Learning from the failure:
Steve went onto:
Become a personal development trainer
Enjoyed a successful career in Sales and Marketing.
Project Managed a National Change Program.
Achieved a diploma in Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Became a radio presenter broadcasting on four UK Radio stations
Founded Inspire Radio.

It’s alright for you Mr.Positive

One evening whilst doing a talk in York a member of the audience said these words.
‘It is alright for you Mr. Positive you don’t live in the real world’.

From what Steve has described you can see that he does live in the real world.

The difference between Steve and the person who asked that question is that Steve chooses to deal with the challenges of life in a different way.

Steve’s purpose is simply to help you make the changes you would like to make and be the person you really want to be.

Enjoy the website and when the timing is right for you, Steve looks forward to working with you or meeting you at an event.

Be Happy- Be Inspired.

Make the most of each moment and have the best day you possibly can.

I look forward to helping you make a positive change and live the life you really want.
A big thank you for taking a look at my website if you are looking to live an inspired life you are in the right place.

Live your life with passion.
Be happy. Be Inspired.

Steve Twynham