In this week’s extended podcast:

I enjoy a cappuccino moment with Nicola Buckley.
Nicola helps stressed and overwhelmed female business leaders rediscover happiness and fulfilment.
Over the cappuccino, Nicola shares her own inspirational story and the work she does to help the people she works with make a positive change.

Inspirational book of the week.

This book is a great read with lots of pratical steps  to help you:

  • Boost your self-esteem.
  • Nurture more fulfilling relationships.
  • Concentrate better.
  • Realise your goals.
  • Overcome stress.
  • Enjoy all life has to offer.

Simply click on the image below to start enjoying this truly informative and practical book.

Plus news of events from:

  • Hay House UK
  • Vernon Frost
  • Health and Healing Festivals
  • Mind Body & Spirit

    Enjoy the Podcast