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Wonderful World of Wellbeing.

Looking forward to being part of the Wonderful World Of Wellbeing. The Wonderful World of Wellbeing is taking place on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November. A truly inspirational weekend to enjoy a relaxing therapy, [...]

Striving But Never Arriving.

So many people live their life in pursuit of happiness. They are Striving but never arriving. For a moment just close your eyes and think about the opening sentence, 'so many people live their life [...]

Be Happy – Be Inspired Podcast.

It is always a pleasure to release the latest weekly Be Happy - Be Inspired Podcast. The Be Happy - Be Inspired Podcast Is all about helping people make a positive change. With inspirational interviews, [...]

I Remember The Day.

I remember the day when I almost decided to give up my work as a coach. I had been on a weekend workshop. The workshop was part of a one year coaching program. As the [...]

Emily Maguire on Be Happy- Be Inspired.

Singer songwriter Emily Maguire joins me on Be Happy - Be Inspired to share her inspirational story and talk about her new album A Bit of Blue. Best known for her strong, thought provoking lyrics [...]