You will be an expert at this.

Have you ever asked yourself what you are really good at? I would suggest that you will be an expert at this. An expert at filling your time and mind with noise and distraction. Waking up to the sound of the radio alarm. Listening to the radio or watching the television while having breakfast. Jumping [...]

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Looking ahead and a thank you.

2018 is almost upon us. I am really looking forward to 2018 on many fronts including the development of the Be Happy - Be Inspired and the Business Hour Podcasts. Me you and a book. 2018 see's the development of Me You and a Book. Me You and a Book is a series of personal [...]

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Who is resisting the change?

Who is resisting the change is an interesting question. In a previous blog post Meet Will Power I mentioned will power does not have a great track record of changing a habit. I mentioned that logic is not enough to change a habit and all so often the character will power moves out of our life. [...]

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Meet Will Power

  Will Power is an interesting character. Maybe you have met Will Power recently as you set off on your journey to make a change? The change may have been to stop smoking, lose weight, go to the gym on a regular basis or be more confident in front of others. Go on Will Power [...]

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Highlights from The Wonderful World of Wellbeing.

Enjoy some of the highlights from the recent Wonderful World of Wellbeing event held in Leeds. If you missed this wonderful day, the good news is it is happening again. Enjoy the short interviews then scroll down the page to find out more about the next Wonderful World of Wellbeing Events. The next Wonderful World [...]

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Nothing changes until you change this.

A common thing I hear when working one2one with clients and at workshops, is that life would be better if I moved to another town or city. Life would be better if I changed my job, my relationships, my hair, my car. The thought being that if these things were changed, my life would change [...]

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Be happy. Be inspired podcast

Be happy, be inspired podcasts are a weekly inspirational podcast. With great music, inspirational interviews, details of inspirational events and workshops. In this podcast I talk with Tom Fitzsimons. Tom ran across America in 100 days and is the author of It's Not About The Beard. In this interview Tom shares his inspirational story. The [...]

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TeamGB Decathlete John Lane joined me on Drive Time.

Team GB Decathlete John Lane joined me on Vale Radio's Drive Time to share his inspirational story. John was born in America, moved to Australia when he was three years old and now represents Team GB. In this twelve minute interview John shares his inspirational story. A story of belief, desire, overcoming adversity and persistence. [...]

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Wonderful World of Wellbeing

Wealth without health is not worth a great deal. In a busy world it is always wise to take time and make time for ourselves. On the 4th and 5th March 2017 there is a great event taking place. The event is the Wonderful World of Wellbeing. Diane Mitchell joined me on Drive Time on [...]

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