The Jones Boy’s

Billy Jones was trying to keep with Johhny Jones. Johnny Jones was trying to keep up with Billy Jones. Both of them wanted what the other had. Sounds funny, and it would be if it were not so sad. Billy and Johnny were both really miserable trying to keep up with other. How could their …

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What are you tuned into?

How do you see yourself?Do you love yourself?Do you think loving yourself is a selfish thing to do?What do you feel like when you see yourself in the mirror?The answers you give to these questions will give you a picture of your self-worth.If you are tuned into negative thinking, this is what you will attract …

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The confusion about abundance.

Many confuse abundance with the things they acquire, money, cars, houses, and stuff.
This is not the case.
Abundance is a way of being. A way of seeing the world.

Are you living in the moment?

Are you always thinking about what has to be done? Always chasing your tail?
What about living your life in the moment.
The moment is all that we have and life can change in an instant as it did for Terry Tucker.
Terry joined me on the Glass Half Full Podcast to share his story.

4160 and counting.

4160 is an interesting number. 4 160 is the number of weeks someone who reaches the age of 80 enjoys on this planet. For a moment stop and think about your age and multiply your age by 52. This is the number of weeks that have passed. How do you live your life?Are you living …

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The Beech Hegde and You.

Our garden has a lovely beech hedge and at this time of year, it has begun its annual transformation, turning from brown to green.The transformation happens this time every year. It does not happen in January, February, or April. The beech hedge does not compete with anything else in the garden it simply lets the …

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Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?What would you say is causing the feeling?Many blame others for causing the way we feel. If only we could understand that this is not possible.No one can make you feel overwhelmed. The feelings are real, but they come from within not from external factors.

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