Make the time to be still and reflect.

Life can be challenging at times. In times of challenge, it is easy to react to the emotions that we feel. The actions we take when feeling these emotions can lead us down a path that we later wish we had not taken. By being still and reflecting on the challenge we face allows the [...]

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Are wanting and allowing the same thing?

Are wanting and allowing opposites or they are a continuum of the same thing? For a moment just feel the difference in your body between wanting and allowing. For example, wanting to go to sleep feels totally different from allowing yourself to sleep. Wanting to eat healthier foods feels totally different from allowing yourself to [...]

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Radio Rebrand & Relaunch.

Hi, Steve here with a very important message. You are in the right place to continue to listen to the great programs that we brought you on Inspire Radio. The exciting news is that we are rebranding and relaunching with a new name and a brand new website. In the meantime, as we prepare for [...]

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Who is knocking at your door?

Who is knocking at your door? Do you let everyone in? Have you ever been sat reading a book or just relaxing when you hear someone knocking at your door? Who could it be? Do you invite every person who knocks at your door into your home? I would suggest not. However, every day we [...]

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Helping to unlock Christmas.

I think it is fair to say that 2020 has been a challenging year. Many people have felt lonely, isolated, and have not been able to see loved ones. Christmas remains a challenging time. Even though restrictions have been lifted many friends and families will be unable to meet. Inspire Radio is looking to unlock [...]

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What excuses have you used to justify your actions?

What excuses have you used to justify your actions? We often use excuses to stay as we are. Excuses such as: I'm too old. I'm too young. I was born this way. It's too hot. It's too cold I have always done it this way. Maybe you can think of the excuses you have used [...]

Welcome the obstacle.

So you have drawn up your plan. Today, tomorrow, maybe later this week or this month things will happen that you did not plan for. These obstacles will mean that you are unable to carry out your plan as you first devised. Welcome the obstacle. Open your mind. Revisit your plan. The obstacle does not [...]

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It is ok to self critical

You may find it strange that I mention that it is ok to be self-critical. Normally I post about positivity. Let me explain. Many great leaders across the centuries have been self-critical. They use the criticism as constructive criticism. To move forward in the direction of their vision and purpose. They do not beat themselves [...]

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I have been kidding myself.

This week is National Wellbeing Week. On Monday evening some of the team from Inspire Radio were live on Zoom and Facebook sharing what wellbeing meant to them. I shared that for me wellbeing is looking after all areas of your life. That health is very important to me. As soon as I shared the [...]