Focus what a wonderful word.

But what does it mean?

I have no doubt over the next two weeks we will here a high
number of  football managers say we lost our focus or we were not focused.

This next statement may surprise you.
We are always focused.
The question is are we focused on the right thing?

Staying with the football analogy. Were the players focused on the game
or were there minds wandering?
Were they foucused on what was happening now or were they focused on the last
good pass or maybe the last bad pass they just made, that may have been 20 minutes ago?

What is you focus.
Maybe it is to better at your work?
Maybe it is to be healthier?
Maybe it is to have better relationships with your family?
Maybe it is to have more fun, more passion in your life?

Whatever it is, stay focused and enjoy the successes you really want
to achieve.

Be Happy.
Be Inspired.