As we continue through these challenging times, is the mark of success a persons exam results?

Once again the discussion here in the UK is about when will schools reopen?

How will the lack of schooling affect the young people of today?
Will there be a lost generation?

I feel for every parent and every child who are currently home schooling.
There is no doubt about the pressure being put on parents and child.
There is no doubt that school is great place to be, to engage with others.

The questions I ask are:

Is the mark of success a persons exam results?
Are we going to define a person forever by the grade they achieved?

While exams are great for those who can remember facts and figures. What about those who are not academic?

As we move out of these challenging times what about thinking about resilience and emotional intelligence?
We may find some interesting traits of the young people that come to the fore.

There are many years ahead for the younger generation. Let us not define them by their academic achievements.