Every day, every one of us has miracle moments. Moments that can change our lives forever.
The big question is, are we open to receiving these miracle moments?

Miracle moments need not be the big quantum leaps, they can be the small steps. The small nudges from a higher place that help us to see the new opportunities. To see the reason why we are here.

I would like to share one miracle moment from my life.

I had just completed a project with a major charity helping them secure significant funding to enhance the services they provided. The CEO asked me if I would consider taking on a key role in the organisation?  The salary was good. I knew the organisation well. For a second I almost said yes.
However, something inside of me knew that yes was not the right answer.

For months I had been thinking about doing my own thing. I had a knowing of what I really wanted to do. In my mind, at this very moment in time, I remembered a recent break on the Isle of Wight when I had spoken with my wife Ann about starting my own business. In fact, it was more than thinking about it I had decided to do it.

Right now was an opportunity to stay and take on the role with the charity. For a second the words yes almost came out of my mouth. Then came the nudge from the higher place reminding me of the conversation Ann and I had on the Isle of Wight.
Ego almost had me saying yes. The nudge from the higher place reminded me of what I really wanted to do. I parked the ego and said no to the offer.

Over 2o years later I thank the higher place for the nudge. I was open to what I call the miracle moments.
Has everything been plain sailing? Definitely not.
The one thing that has always been helpful to me when things have not always gone to plan is to ask what can I learn from this?
You may be surprised to know that the higher place helps to find the answer.

Be open to the miracle moments.

They will come your way today.  The question is, are you ready to receive?

Enjoy an amazing day.

Maybe you have a miracle moment that you would like to share?

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