Recently I drove to Donaster to pick up my mum. Mum was coming to stay with us to enjoy the relaxing serenity of the Howardian Hills.
The day happened to be the hottest day of the year. Many people were heading to the coast. The result being that my journey home that would normally take around 90 minutes would take considerably longer.
I decided to take a different route. A scenic route.
All was going well until I reached the market town of Howden.
My route was closed.
I followed the diversion signs. However I reckon someone had enjoyed playing around with them which meant I arrived back to the point where the road was closed.

Obstacles are a part of life.

Now this detour was not part of the plan!!!!!
Things happen.
Things get in the way.
It is how we deal with obstacles that make the difference.
There was an alternative route. All it needed was a little thought, a little planning and we were on our way.

When you meet an obstacle in your day.
Pause for a moment.
Give yourself some time to think.
You will find your way.

Be happy-Be Inspired.