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Be Happy – Be Inspired 95.

Be Happy – Be Inspired is a weekly inspirational podcast. With feelgood music, inspirational interviews, news of events, workshops, seminars and the inspirational book of the week. Be Happy – Be Inspired is a great way to brighten your day. Listen out for the fun game what song are these words from. In this week’s [...]

Someone’s knocking at your door.

Just because someone is knocking at your door you don't have to let them in. Maybe you have already let someone into your life that loves a drama and you have become distracted with their drama and issues. This focus means you lose sight of what is going on in your own life. It is [...]

Be Happy – Be Inspired -91

A warm welcome to this weeks Be Happy-Be Inspired Podcast. With inspirational interviews. News of events, workshops, seminars and great music. Be happy – Be inspired is all about feeling good In this week's podcast: I explore the world of positive thinking and explain why positive thinking is not enough. Team GBs John Lane joins [...]

A story of belief.

Whatever you believe you will be right and you will find supporting evidence to justify your belief. Where does the evidence to support our beliefs come from .It comes from all around us, the media, friends, our past. Beliefs are a choice; we can choose beliefs that support us Positive Beliefs or those that limit us Limiting [...]

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