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Nina Joy on Inspire.

Nina Joy joined me on Inspire to share her inspirational story and the music that Inspires her. Nina is a Maverick Mentor, Author and Inspirational Speaker. It was a pleasure to talk with Nina about her life and play the music that Inspires her. Enjoy a truly inspirational story and some great music.      

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Juicing On The Radio

Well Ruth Goodwin from BeBalanced did the work when she joined me live in the studio on Saturday Breakfast. I really enjoyed drinking them. In this nineteen minute podcast Ruth shares some great information about the benefits of juicing as well as some great tips to help you be a healthier you. Listen in to [...]

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Keep On Running

Have you ever thought about running a marathon but are yet to take the first step? Or maybe you have run a marathon and would like to achieve a personal best? No matter where you might be right now enjoy this inspirational Podcast with running coach Michael Phan. Michael joined me live in studio to share [...]

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Wealth without health is not worth a great deal.

Inspire is all about great music and chat. A truly uplifting programme to help you make a positive change. In this weeks programme I am joined by Dave Hill from Brighterlife Chiropratic. We talk health, chiropratic and much more. Wealth without health is not worth a great deal. Great music and chat to get your week off to [...]

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Podcast with Patrick Holford

The podcast from the live broadcast with Patrick Holford. Can't get going in the morning without a coffee? Confused about low GL? Want to know which supplements to take or natural alternatives to support your health? Tonight I am joined by Patrick Holford. Patrick Holford is a British nutritionist, author, and founder of the Institute [...]

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