Life after professional football.

In this episode of Glass Half Full, I am joined by former professional footballer Martin Pemberton. Martin talks about the ups and downs of his life as a professional footballer and the direction his life took when his career was over. Martin's story is thought-provoking and inspirational. Martin is the founder of Just 1to11it - [...]

Adaptability, Change, Resilience.

Adaptability, change, and resilience. Words that have been used very frequently during the past 16 months or so. But what do they mean? In this episode of Glass Half Full, I am joined by the Resilience Coach Russell Harvey. In a world that has changed faster than ever how important is resilience and adaptability in [...]

In conversation with Martina Geromin CEO & Co Founder of The School Beyond Limitations

In this podcast, I am joined by Martina Geromin. Martina shares her story and how along with Katharina Ferster founded The School Beyond Limitations. Discover what is unique about The School Beyond Limitations. Enjoy the podcast. Remember to check out Yowah Radio.

In conversation with Vision Board Master Steve Gamlin

In this episode, I am joined by Steve Gamlin The Motivational Firewood Guy. Steve is an inspirational speaker, author, vision board master & radio presenter. However, life has not always been a bowl of cherries. In this podcast Steve shares his story, we explore the world of personal development and the power of vision boards. [...]

Is the mark of success a persons exam results?

As we continue through these challenging times, is the mark of success a persons exam results? Once again the discussion here in the UK is about when will schools reopen? How will the lack of schooling affect the young people of today? Will there be a lost generation? I feel for every parent and every [...]

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Helping to unlock Christmas.

I think it is fair to say that 2020 has been a challenging year. Many people have felt lonely, isolated, and have not been able to see loved ones. Christmas remains a challenging time. Even though restrictions have been lifted many friends and families will be unable to meet. Inspire Radio is looking to unlock [...]

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What excuses have you used to justify your actions?

What excuses have you used to justify your actions? We often use excuses to stay as we are. Excuses such as: I'm too old. I'm too young. I was born this way. It's too hot. It's too cold I have always done it this way. Maybe you can think of the excuses you have used [...]

It is ok to self critical

You may find it strange that I mention that it is ok to be self-critical. Normally I post about positivity. Let me explain. Many great leaders across the centuries have been self-critical. They use the criticism as constructive criticism. To move forward in the direction of their vision and purpose. They do not beat themselves [...]

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Be Happy – Be Inspired- 96

  In this week’s extended podcast: I enjoy a cappuccino moment with Nicola Buckley. Nicola helps stressed and overwhelmed female business leaders rediscover happiness and fulfilment. Over the cappuccino, Nicola shares her own inspirational story and the work she does to help the people she works with make a positive change. Inspirational book of the [...]