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Talking with Ruth Whiteley…

In this 35 minute podcast I talk with Ruth Whiteley. Ruth was a contestant on The Apprentice 2015. The Lady in the pink suit. From being bullied at school to taking the doors of her car as she reversed down the drive this podcast is a story of determination, persistence and the challenges that came along the [...]

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The Law of Attraction…

There are phrases that have been around for centuries. Phrases such as 'As a man thinketh', 'You reep what you sow' and 'Be careful what you wish for'. I recently caught up with Clinical Hypnothearpist Brian Glenn at the seminar Brian was running called The Science of Living Your Dreams. In this 13 minute podcast [...]

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Podcast with Patrick Holford

The podcast from the live broadcast with Patrick Holford. Can't get going in the morning without a coffee? Confused about low GL? Want to know which supplements to take or natural alternatives to support your health? Tonight I am joined by Patrick Holford. Patrick Holford is a British nutritionist, author, and founder of the Institute [...]

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Podcast with Renee Maguire of RawChi Now Available

Interested in health and nutrition? Would you like to know how raw foods can make a difference? In this podcast with Renee Maguire of Rawchi hear Renee's story and how Rawchi is helping people make a positive life style change. Listen to internet radio with Live the life you really want on BlogTalkRadio Be happy. Be [...]

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