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Be Happy – Be Inspired 76

A warm welcome to this weeks Be Happy - Be Inspired Podcast. In this weeks podcast I am joined on the line from California by international author Cynthia Luce. Cynthia joins me to talk about her inspirational book Invisible Girl. Invisible Girl Invisible Girl provides personal narratives of serious problems plaguing society today and what [...]

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Be Happy-Be Inspired 73

Be Happy – Be Inspired is weekly podcast with feel good music. News of inspirational events, workshops seminars and the inspirational book of the week. In this weeks podcast I am joined by Gail Donnan. Gail is a wellbeing practitioner, teacher, mentor and author. Gail is also a regular contributor to Psychologies Magazine. Gail joins [...]

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Be Happy – Be Inspired 67

Be Happy- Be Inspired is a weekly podcast with great music, inspirational interviews, news of inspirational events and the inspirational book of the week. Listen out for the fun 'what song are these words from' Be Happy -Be Inspired 67 In this weeks podcast I find out about the power of using a vision board [...]

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Simple thing makes a real difference.

Simple things make a real difference in achieving success in whatever you choose to do. Thomas Henry Huxley the nineteenth century English writer said: 'Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the the things that you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you [...]

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Health and Healing Festival Leeds.

This weeks Be Happy - Be Inspired podcast captures the atmosphere at the recent, Health and Healing Festival in Leeds. In this podcast I talk with best selling author, reiki practitioner, successful life coach Stephanie J King. Meet New Zealand's most loved TV Medium Jeanette Wilson. Find out how you can train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist [...]

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