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The Glass Half Full Podcast focuses on personal development, health & well-being, and happiness.
Steve talks with inspirational guests from around the world.

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Steve is joined by inspirational guests from around the world.

In this episode of Glass Half Full, Steve Twynham is joined by Tony Redondo.
Tony’s story is one of change, adaptability, resilience & innovation.
Tony was born and raised in Lourenco Marques, now Maputo in Mozambique to Portuguese parents.
He came to the UK at a young age unable to speak a word of English.
With determination and tenacity, Tony went on to join Barclays Bank, then Granville Trust, which after a takeover became Granville Baird and rose quickly to a Senior Lending Manager Role dealing in property finance with builders, developers & property investors throughout England and Wales.
After taking a sabbatical visiting numerous counties Tony set up Cosmos Currency exchange in 2020 to provide clients with the ‘perfect marriage’ of using technology to save clients time and money; with the convenience of local collection accounts in the UK, USA, EU, and Canada.
Enjoy the podcast.

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